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Painting and Renovations in Miami - Sheen Cleaning

Painting and Renovations in Miami, Broward & Palm Beach Counties

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  • Date: September 2, 2013
  • Tags: Painting and Renovations
Painting & Renovations

Being a leading home improvement company for the past 20 years, Sheen Cleaning managing partners have been providing a full range of services for getting the best results: General Contractor, Construction Contractors, New Custom Home Construction, Painting, Remodeling and Renovation Contractors, Bathroom Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling, Home Additions, Commercial Build-outs and Construction Management for commercial & residential properties. We have all the essential resources to supervise a project from the exploring of the site to its final examination.

Our services include:

Painting and Decorating Painting and Decorating

Do your remodeling and renovation needs interior or exterior painting? Our professional painters will create the look you desire, including creating or matching finishes and textures, and applying the color that will fit your room.


Project ManagementProject Management

Sheen Cleaners will provide a full office support and a knowledgeable project manager during the entire construction process. Our staff will manage the work of the trade contractors, execute the specifications and plans and interact with the architect and owner to work out questions and problems. Sheen’s project manager will function as an interface between the pre-construction and construction stage efforts, acting as a connection between the owners, architects, field staff and office staff.


Our services for your kitchen project may include: design, cabinet renewing, flooring, custom carpentry, replacing or improving the entire room, lighting, countertop and helping to select the right appliances for your kitchen.



Considering your hectic life, bathroom remodeling can be a pleasure, and add some value to your home. From lighting, fixtures, flooring, vanities, colors, faucets, finish carpentry and design, Sheen Cleaners can help you achieve custom renovation to match your style or the definitive bathroom upgrade that will make your home more worthy.


Rough CarpentryRough Carpentry

Sheen Cleaners construction experts provide rough carpentry services which may include rebuilding, removing and framing of walls, beams and posts. Whether your needs are building a structure, remodeling a structure or adding onto an existing structure, we will make this happen.


Finish CarpentryFinish Carpentry

Our finish carpentry craftsmen have experience with installing crown and base moldings, window and door casings, chair rail, wainscoting, and paneling. Sheen Cleaners can also help you design and build custom cabinetry, bookcases and doors which will improve the style and look of your home.


FlooringFlooring (Tile, Hard Stone, Wood, Carpet)

Looking forward to remodeling your home? Need to choose between different flooring options for a new building? We will handle everything from new installations to refinishing. Our services are available for marble, carpet, granite, hardwood, porcelain and tile flooring.


Windows and Sliding

Windows and Siding

Future water damage can be prevented by installing new siding or replacing a damaged one. It also can modify the entire look of your house. So whether your windows are just old and leaking or you’re going for an updated appearance and form, installing new windows gives you a certain perspective on the world around you.


Room AdditionsRoom Additions

We are experts in various types of room additions. Whether you’re enlarging your living space, adding a completely functional in-law suite or a modern at-home office, our experienced specialists takes special care in building your room addition to what is most suitable for your needs.


Commercial Remodeling & Build-OutsCommercial Remodeling & Build-outs

From time to time your office space needs a brand new look. Sometimes all that is needed is a small touch like a fresh coat of paint or new countertops. Sometimes, it is a much bigger project such as new flooring, new cabinets, building partition walls to separate working spaces or a complete interior renewal. Whether your job is big or small, Sheen Cleaners construction will provide you with the highest level of professionalism and service to ensure your contentment and happiness.


Property Upgrades

Does your investment property need an upgrade? Does it has a low rental rate or is it newly vacated, and you would like to increase its attraction to potential clients? Sheen Cleaners construction can make it happen, by creating a better look which will attract new customers.


Permits and Approvals

To make all of the above in the fastest time and with the best outcome, we will help the owner in receiving special approvals and permits for permanent renovations from authorities that have jurisdiction over the project.

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