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Oriental Rug Cleaning in Brickell - Sheen Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning in Brickell

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  • Date: April 28, 2017
  • Tags: Carpet Cleaning
Area Rugs Cleaning

Area Rugs Cleaning

Oriental rugs are exotic and make a beautiful addition to any home. They enhance the interior decor of your house by adding a touch of elegance and glamour to it. They complete the furnishing of the rooms. But, unlike any other decor they suffer a heavy foot traffic that results in the rugs getting dirty and unpleasant to walk on. Sheen Cleaners provide Oriental rug cleaning in Brickell to help you keep your investment at at it’s optimal condition.

Sheen Cleaners offer an advanced oriental rug cleaning service that ensure safe and thorough  cleaning: 

  • Specific cleaning solutions for each type of oriental rug
  • Have knowledge of oriental rugs from different countries and their cleaning needs
  • Orientals rugs are hand washed only
  • Fringe restoration of the rugs is included

Why Choose a Professional Cleaning Service

Oriental rugs are very delicate if compared to carpets. They have soft and delicate fibers that can get damaged if harsh cleaning chemicals are used. That is why it is highly recommended that they are  inspected and cleaned only by professionals. The soft fibers of the rugs make walking easier and a great place to relax on after a hectic day in the office. But, over the time the foot traffic that brings in lots of dust, dirt and grime can make them really dirty and unhealthy. Using the right cleaning solution and techniques, a professional cleaning team can not only clean the rugs, they can restore them back to their previous state.

Why Choose Sheen Cleaners for Your Oriental Rug Cleaning in Brickell

Sheen Cleaners have been cleaning and restoring oriental rugs in Brickell for years. By identifying the origin of your rugs we costumize the right cleaning solution. Using the century old cleaning technique and modern tools, we ensure that your rugs are safely cleaned without damaging the fibers nor the colors. Our expert technicians have years of experience dealing with oriental rugs of all kinds. They will remove initially the dust, dry particles, and then test the color fastness. Then the rugs are hand washed to clean them thoroughly, what leaves your rugs looking fresh and clean. Then comes the gentle grooming of the rugs which ensures the fringes are restored to make your rugs look attractive again.

Sheen Cleaning is your one stop oriental rug cleaning solution. Call us today at 1800-975-7710 for a FREE in-home estimate. Free pickup & delivery.

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