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Drapery Cleaning in FT Lauderdale – Sheen Cleaning

Drapery Cleaning in FT Lauderdale

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  • Date: April 28, 2017
  • Tags: Cleaning Solutions

Drapery CleaningFinding the right draperies for your home takes a lot of time and efforts. It completes the look of your house interiors by adding a touch of elegance. Keeping them clean is necessary since they prevent all the dust and dirt from entering the house. Sheen Cleaning specializes in drapery cleaning in FT Lauderdale and helps keep them in a best condition.

Keeping your draperies in best condition in FT Lauderdale climate is a tough job. With our professional drapery cleaning team, we will ensure you’ll  have clean and healthy draperies in no time.

Our Drapery Cleaning Solution

We understand that you want the best cleaning solution for your beautiful draperies. Our drapery cleaning team will ensure that your draperies are free of dust, smoke, odor, pollen and other allergens.

We will inspect and customize the cleaning  depends on the quality and the fiber.

We provide:

  • Onsite drapery cleaning in FT Lauderdale
  • Cleaning all kinds of draperies including vertical, Venetian, fabric shades, and window coverings.
  • Gently and effectively remove stains, grime and treat damages to restore them back to their previous state.
  • We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction
  • We use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment specifically designed for cleaning delicate fibres.
  • Inspection and pre-testing for safe cleaning solution

How Often Should You Clean your Draperies?

Draperies like carpets need professional cleaning from time to time to stay in a good health. A basic drapery cleaning rule is that they should be cleaned once or twice a year. But, this may vary on the amount of smoke in the house, the area you live in and other factors. Once they are professionally cleaned they are good for one or two years before they show soil again. Soil can damage the fabrics and will change it’s overall lookks, so it is important to get your draperies cleaned regularly.

Sheen Cleaning professional Drapery Cleaning in FT Lauderdale

Sheen Cleaning provides a very thorough and safe drapery cleaning in FT Lauderdale. No matter what kind of drapery system you have at home, our onsite cleaning solution can treat and clean all types of draperies and blinds. From Venetian blinds and vertical blinds to silks, satin and delicate drapery fabrics, we can clean them all. We use safe cleaning solutions and equipment to dry or wet clean draperies for guaranteed best results. Our hands-on experienced team will be effectively cleaning and delivering your investment in no time.

Need Your Drapes or Curtains Cleaned? Call Sheen Cleaning today 1800-975-7710

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