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On-Call Carpet Drying In Miami, Broward & Palm Beach Counties

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  • Date: July 7, 2013
  • Tags: Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Drying

If you’ve just had a water disaster, leakage or flooding incident in your  residence, you need a professional carpet drying team as soon as possible, to survey the extent of the damage to your carpets and wooden floors, and to get dry clean carpets again.





We have professional carpet drying teams on standby ready for you 24/7 in case of emergency water damage, providing:

  • On site wooden floor and wet carpet drying
  • Removal of garbage and rubbish from site
  • Experience with all types of water – flood, runoff, clean, grey, sewage
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Rapid response time to prevent extensive carpet damage

Why Do I Need A Rapid Response Team To Dry My Carpet ?

The extent of the damage to most carpets is determined by the length of time they spend in water. While most carpets can withstand water for a few days, it is imperative that a professional team using the right machines and solutions reach your Miami residence as soon as possible, to prevent additional damage to your waterlogged carpet, up to the point where it may be beyond even the most expert treatment and carpet restoration, and may have to be thrown away. The type of water can also affect both the carpet and the necessary treatment, with clean water (from a clean source) requiring one technique, black water (sewage backup or runoff water) requiring another, and hot water (which affects the glue holding the carpet fibers together) a third.

Drying Carpets In Needs To Be Done By Experts

Additional potential problems that you may encounter when trying to dry out the carpet is the floor it is laid on. Wooden floors can only absorb so much water before they start showing noticeable effects, expanding too much, causing cupping, or crowning, which in turn, is very difficult to repair. In the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area, the climate is an additional factor, increasing the chances of cupping, so when a water situation occurs, it is best to call in a professional team as soon as possible.

Sheen Cleaners Have Years Of Carpet Drying Experience

We pride ourselves on giving every customer 100% attention from the moment we are called in to the moment we leave the Miami or Palm Beach house in the best possible shape. We dry carpets and floors using the latest industrial strength equipment, and advanced drying methods, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

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