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Carpet Cleaning in South Beach

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  • Date: November 30, 2013
  • Tags: Local Cleaning Solutions
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When you think stylish homes, you think of thick, plush, clean carpets all over the floors. That is because carpets ARE stylish – they add color to your home, they make rooms look different and they can improve the look of a house tenfold. Of course, carpets also require a little TLC  - tender love and care – to make sure that they keep their colors, that the fabric doesn’t deteriorate and that you can go on enjoying your carpets for years to come. That is exactly where a professional carpet cleaning business comes in.


South Beach, Where Clean Meets Commercial

Commercial carpet cleaning requires a special touch. First of all, you aren’t about to spend the rest of the day at your office or apartment building in South Beach, Miami, 33132, scrubbing the carpets, right? You have better things to do with your time. Second, commercial carpet cleaning means a LOT of carpet to clean. There isn’t just the one room to do, usually, but whole office floors or entire apartments. So a standard vacuum isn’t going to cut it, you need professional equipment and industry strength cleaning solutions. In short, commercial carpet cleaning is a job for a professional team.


One stop shop for commercial carpet cleaning

In South Beach, 33132 you have a one stop shop for commercial carpet cleaning. Teams that know what they are doing, have the experience to tackle even the hardest of stains on your office wall to wall carpets, and ones that make sure that you get your business up and running as soon as possible, while also allowing the carpets to dry as required. Using modern high powered gear along with the right commercial carpet cleaning solutions, it doesn’t matter where you have offices, even in South Beach 33141, the right team will be there as soon as possible, cleaning the carpets in your building.


Choosing your Commercial Carpet Cleaning team

Sheen hand picks the best professionals to work with our commercial carpet cleaning teams. In addition to their experience, we take the time to train each of our experts in the latest commercial carpet cleaning techniques, and make sure that they have all the necessary tools and equipment to be able to handle any problem that they might encounter. We look to give 100% customer satisfaction, and to date we have always been successful at that. We are always available to take your calls, no matter where you are in the South Beach area.


We serve the following locations in and near South Beach

We also provide carpet cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning solutions to these zip code areas:

  • South Beach 33141
  • Miami Beach 33138
  • Dodge Island 33132
  • Miami Beach 33109
  • Miami Beach 33119
  • Miami Beach 33139

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Phone: 1800-975-7710


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