Sofa or couch is one of the most important parts of any home whether you live in a big house or small apartment. It gives you comfort and provides a sitting space when guest come over.  You like spending a lot of time on it and feel like there is no other place in the house as comfortable as your couch. But, your sofa or couch could be the most unclean place of the house.

Why Your Sofa Could be the Most Unclean Thing in the House

Despite dusting and vacuuming everyday, your sofa is not the cleanest place you imagine it to be. Here are some reasons.

1. All the dust, dirt and allergens from outside

Do you think your carpet is the only thing that takes the beating of foot traffic and dust and dirt from outside? Your couch is full of it as well. Every guest who comes in sits there, sometimes with feet up. Every time someone sits there, they leave behind dust and dirt and of course allergens develop there. These things are not going away without professional upholstery cleaning in FT Lauderdale.

2. Food Debris and stains

You are snacking on your couch all the time. Where do you think the food debris is going to go? If the stain from the last week has not gone, chances are there that some food debris has stayed behind. No matter how much you vacuum or clean it, getting rid of the food debris entirely is not possible.

3. Your pets have been there

Do you think that pet urine odor is coming from the rug or carpet? It could be your sofa. Even the most thoroughly potty-trained dogs can have accidents. Now you can imagine the condition of your sofa with the entire pet urine odor and everything.

What should you do?

The best way to tackle the problem of upholstery cleaning in FT Lauderdale is to combine the regular cleaning with regular professional upholstery cleaning to ensure that your investments is super clean from top to bottom. This will keep the environment inside healthy.

Don’t ignore the cleaning needs of your sofa or couch or chairs where upholstery is used. As much as they are comfortable, they can also create unhealthy conditions if they are not cleaned well.