If you’ve ever been in a room after a fire, no matter how small, then you know what we mean when we say that almost any house fire can have an effect on the entire house. Some of the effects are short-term, while others, if left untreated, can cause some serious and lasting damage to the room, carpets, furniture, and the rest of the house. Of course, professional fire restoration services can certainly deal with these effects, and the faster you call them in the better.

Fire Damage Hazard #1: Water damage

A popular way of extinguishing a blaze is using water (don’t forget that some fires, like electrical fires or chemical fires, need to be treated differently). This is an excellent solution as far as fires are concerned, however it also means that most of the area where the fire took place is now soaked in water. The water should be removed, and excess water dried up fast, to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Mold and mildew can grow in a very short time, starting to appear within 48 hours, and once it takes hold of your wooden floor and insulation material, it is a long and hard process to remove and repair all the mold infected areas.

Fire Damage Hazard #2: Smoke damage

Smoke damage is even harder to detect that water damage. The smoke from almost any fire, large or small, spreads easily throughout your home and air duct systems, getting everywhere, even locations and rooms that were out of reach from the actual fire that took place. Because of air convection currents, the smoke travels from the warmer areas (where the fire started) and to the cooler areas (everywhere else).

Fire Damage Hazard #3: DIY Repairs

As the smoke, and following the smoke, the soot on the walls, furniture and carpets get everywhere, cleaning up after this sort of mess is usually not something you’d want to undertake on your own. In trying to get rid of the smoke and soot, the smell and the feel, you may very well ending up damaging more than you restore, and losing even more valuables in the process. Apart from that. but lacking the proper experience that professional fire restoration crews have, you may miss likely damaged spots such as air vents, HVAC systems and more.

Keep in mind that the smoke can affect you not just aesthetically, but physically as well. Smoke particles can irritate your lungs, and have additional harmful effects on small children and pets.

Professional fire restoration teams know what is the best way to deal with the hazards caused by fire damage, and how to make your home livable in again, clean, and healthy.