Rugs are beautiful and very useful home decor. They enhance the interiors of your house while making it easier to walk on the floor. But, eventually they are going to be become victim of dust, dirt, spills and pet urine accidents. Regularly vacuuming, dusting and cleaning them can keep them healthy for a long time. While it may sound easy, cleaning a rug especially the oriental rugs with delicate fibers is not easy. Experts in rug cleaning in FT Lauderdale have some useful suggestions.

Here are a few suggestions for effective rug cleaning

1. Always Blot the Spills

The rug cleaning experts advise that all the spills must be blotted as soon as the accidents happen. The water can be damaging for the rugs. Rubbing the area instead of blotting can be equally damaging as it can cause the fibers to fray. Even a simple water spill should be treated with extra care. Whether it’s a water spill, drinks, coffee or any liquid always blot the excess water with a towel.

2. Use Ice to Remove Gums

If you have accidentally dropped the chewing gum on the rug and it’s struck, you can use ice to remove it. The ice will freeze it and prevent it from further damaging the fibers. Once it’s frozen you can easily remove it by cutting strands of the carpet as close the gum as possible. This will help you safely remove the gum from the surface.

3. Go for professional Cleaning Solution

Experts widely suggest that professional rug cleaning solution is the best option when it comes to removing stubborn stain from the rugs. Wrong solutions can extensively damage the rugs and using it again can become impossible. The professionals already know all kinds of rugs and what solution is best suited for each of them. This will ensure that your rugs are cleaned safely. From stains to dirt to urine odor, all can be safely removed with a professional cleaning solution.

Rug cleaning in FT Lauderdale should be done carefully to prevent any unintentional damage to your investment. Use the expert advice to clean your rugs.