When flooding or water damage occurs it’s one of the most inconvenient situations.

It’s also a health issue problem due to the quick built-up of moisture mildew growth and mold, especially in Sunrise.

Besides that, we need to pay attention to our belongings such as Furniture, Floors, Walls, or any other items that are touching water or being in the moisture built-up area.

In order to start the water damage restoration process we should use professional experts that understand the water damage cleaning process, This will help to take care of your Miami business or home environment get back to the normal safe and healthy situation.

Water Damage and Flood Sources in Broward County

Usually water damage will happen from a leaking dishwasher, broken pipe, washing machine, overflowed sinks or a tub, or rising water from the street in case of a storm.

The Sheen Cleaning Team is ready to help you 24/7 to clean up with your water damage situation.

It is important to act quick on the matter, before your baseboard walls are going to be soaked with water and develop bacteria.

Our clean up team uses the best equipment available in the industry and approved by all insurance companies and restoration institutes.

Water Damage Immediate Response on Your Behalf

  • Identify Source of Water

  • Call the Right Party to Eliminate Source of Water such as a Plumber, AC person, or a Roofer.

  • Eliminate Electricity in the Area That Was Infected

  • Shut down the air condition unit in order to prevent bacteria flow through the air condition vents.

  • Try to Protect Furniture by Putting Aluminum Foil Under the Legs or any Other Plastic Method.

Call the Best Water Damage Team in Sunrise to Start Restoration Process

  • Our restoration clean-up starts by picking up from the surface all unrelated items like books, boxes, etc.

  • Then we’ll extract water from floors such as wood, carpet, marble, etc.

  • If furniture damage occurred, the clean-up crew will extract the water from the sofas, beds, and upholstery.

  • The team will apply sanitation materials and deodorize bacteria killers in order to keep the place safe and healthy.

  • Dry Out all contents and the total infected space.

  • Eliminate mildew, mold, and other unhealthy buildups.

  • Placing Fans, Dehumidifiers, and Fog the area for completely dry out of the area that was water damaged.

  • Monitoring the dry out progress on a daily basis.

  • Repair and restore walls, floors, etc. to the normal situation.

Call Sheen today! The best, fastest and most reliable water damage restoration company in Sunrise and the whole Broward county 1800-975-7710