Oriental rugs are gorgeous works of art that look fabulous in any Miami residence. Of course, as being an object that is used and (probably) stepped on, your Oriental rug needs to be taken good care of. Now, while vacuuming and dusting may be part of your daily chores, sometimes, when a small stain is caused by soda, grease or muddy shoes, you may need to take a little extra effort, and clean the stain yourself. Of course, if the stain is too large, or if you aren’t sure if the process will damage the carpet or not, you will need to call in a professional team of oriental carpet cleaners.

If you do choose to try to clean the stain yourself, here is what you should do:

Wash the Oriental rug on a flat surface

When you choose a place to wash your rug, make sure that it is a flat surface, and big enough for the entire rug to lie down flat. You can use your Miami house driveway or deck, for instance. Of course, making sure that the weather is going to be nice (and stay that way) is just as important. Wind and rain will mean more time to dry, and of course, the weather elements are not that kind to delicate Oriental rugs.

Use lots of water when washing Oriental rugs

You needs lots (and lots) of water to wash the rug, along with a selection of brushes for the fringes and surface are of the Oriental rug, and of course, a bucket for the soap. The soap can be any one of the range in your local Miami supermarket that is specially for woolies, as this covers most of the Oriental rugs that you may have. If your Oriental rug is a family heirloom, has ben in your Miami or Fort Lauderdale house for years, or an antique, then as we said before, you should contact the Oriental rug cleaning specialists. Do not forget that you should not apply soap directly to the rug, but only in a diluted form, after you mix it up in a bucket with some warm water.

Be careful of running dyes when you wash your Oriental rug

Running dyes are the biggest problem when you clean Oriental rugs. There is a large number of rug types and dye types that can run if you use the wrong solutions or techniques, and even some carpets where it depends on the year of their manufacture. The best way to check if the dyes run or not, is to take multiple paper towels, and wet a small area of the rug. Place the towels over the area and apply some pressure, and check for stains. If there are stains – call a professional team immediately. If there are no stains, you still need to be careful when cleaning, as some dyes can run after being soaked for longer.

Wash, rinse and dry to finish washing the Oriental rug

Fill the rug with water, which may take more time that you imagine. Lightly squeeze the excess water from your rug, then apply the soap solution. With your bare hands, rub the soapy water into the pile in a circular motion. Then use a squeegee to remove the water (gently) again. Keep repeating the process until the water coming out is clean and pure. Then get as much water out as possible, and let the Oriental carpet dry out in the Miami sun for a few hours. The best place to do this is on your Miami house’s lawn, if you have one.