Sheen sofa cleaning service specializes in professional sofa cleaning service in Cooper City area. When it comes to selecting the suitable cleaning company, there is only a single option to go for the professional and well known cleaning company in Cooper City 33330 that specializes in commercial and domestic cleaning including sofa cleaning.


Customer satisfaction is main mission

Sheen sofa cleaning service company feels proud to deliver customer satisfaction of high quality every time with their sofa cleaning service.  If you are not satisfied with the sofa cleaning service, then they will come to serve again with free of charge. If still it is not convinced, then they will offer you’re compensation.


Professional sofa cleaner in Cooper City 33026

The sofa cleaning technician of sheen service carefully examines any spot and stain and after that the appropriate detergent is applied carefully to destroy the spot from the roots. Sheen service normally treats stains like red wine, ink, blood, shoe polisher, grease etc. you will also be given advice and recommendation for your sofa cleaning.

The sofa cleaning service provided by Sheen sofa cleaning service includes:

  • Spot and stain removal system.
  • Pre treating.
  • Dry cleaning.
  • Extract.
  • Deodorizing.

If you are using your sofa for a long time, then you must need to clean your sofa, otherwise it will be the living place of bacteria as well as germs! You need to clean your sofa at least once a year. Sheen sofa cleaning service will be best for you if you are searching for expert cleaning at an affordable price. Regular maintenance will prolong your sofa set’s life span and it will make sofa cleaning much easier if there are any unsightly dirt or any stains that required to be removed.  Take the services of Sheen to experience the best cleaning service.


Sheen Pet Odor Removal from Mattress, Sofa, Carpet or Oriental Rug in Cooper City 33328

We all love our pets, but sometimes they can make it really a challenge to keep our home healthy, clean and smelling fresh.

It is really difficult to deal with a pet accident once occurred. Sheen pet odor removal service is able to identify pet accidents in your home and eliminates pet urine and odor from your sofa or carpet. They use pet urine removal treatment to destroy the urine odor. It shows excellent results upon even the most severe damage from pet urine.


How pet odor removal service in Cooper City works

  • An expert professional finds the odor source and identifies the best possible plan of application.
  • In severe case, the team may require to pull up the rug or carpet. If required then padding is replaced.
  • After all preparation works, carpets are rinsed. Any loose urine crystals then are extracted using hot water.
  • Special treatment is then applied to tack strip, baseboard and the carpet backing.
  • Within 24 to 36 hours, all odor causing elements will block out, leaving a fresh and sweet smell with healthy clean.

Carpet or sofa comes with multiple layers and urine of the pet will affect the layers from where bad smells can come and bacteria can develop. Sheen pet odor service team will remove the bad odor from each level and will ensure bacteria free environment. Sheen uses the ecofriendly material to remove odors as well as traces with latest equipment. In Cooper City 33027, Sheen provides the guaranteed service and permanent solution for pet odor. Sheen uses the most advanced as well as reliable cleaning tools to provide the best services. The cleaning methods of Sheen cleaning service exceed the expectation of the customers.