At Sheen cleaning Team we understand the method of green cleaning of upholstery carpet furniture and mattresses. As we know that majority of the people are sensitive when they’re exposed to chemicals, we offer 100% organic cleaning which means non-toxic products and completely biodegradable. That will definitely help for people that have symptoms of allergy asthma or other sensitive issues, especially in Broward county, which is known for it’s high allergies presence.


Improving the environment in Cooper City

Step by step, as we use organic products, we’re also being earth friendly which a lot of people these days are concerned to create a clean environment for the next generations.

The harmless organic products to clean your upholstery and carpets, with a green solution method are including the following ingredients such as:

Citrus Peel, Cider Vinegar, Aloe Vera, Natural minerals, Lime extract, Natural Enzymes


Green cleaning is also a healthier cleaning

At Sheen Cleaning Team we can assure you that the process of green upholstery services, green carpet cleaning, green mattress cleaning and green oriental rug cleaning will help you accomplish the way to stay healthy and secure in your day to day environment.

As much as our Cooper City homes are important to us, the Sheen Cleaning Team can offer you green cleaning solutions for businesses, automobiles, and even boat cleaning. This will create a healthier environment surrounding.

Fact: With the years going by at the Sheen Cleaning Team we realized that most of the customers that tried the organic green clean solution were insisting to use the same method for all their cleaning needs.     So if eco-friendly cleaning is concerning you like it does concern us, don’t hesitate, call Sheen Cleaning today for the best green cleaning experience there is! 1800-975-7710