Area rugs are one of the popular home decors. They are attractive, exotic and come in various styles and fabrics. But, they also bear a lot of foot traffic. This heavy foot traffic coupled with stains, spills and pet urine can make your area rugs really dirty and unhealthy. It is important that they are cleaned on regular basis to remove the dust, dirt and grime from it.

There are various ways of cleaning area rugs to keep it in top notch condition.

Regular Vacuuming: Regularly vacuuming your area rugs can remove the dust, dirt and grime that have accumulated over the time. This prevents dust and dirt from setting into the fibers. Not cleaning the rugs regularly can actually cause damage to the fibers and you may lose them forever.

Attend to the Spill immediately: Never leave carpets and rugs unattended after a liquid spill. Liquids are the worst enemy. If the area rugs are left damp for too long, the chances of mold growth becomes higher. Besides, the liquid spill can leave a stain if it’s a wine or cola or anything that has potential to cause stain. Once the stain settles in, it’s tough to remove them. It is important that you blot the area that has suffered liquid spill. Use a towel to blot the excess liquid. Switch on the fan to dry the area.

Brush Out pet Hair: If you have pets in your house, you know they must have shed their hair on the rugs. While cleaning the hair from the floor is easy, removing them from the rugs is tough. They are hidden deep inside the rugs and you will need a brush to brush them out of the rugs and its fibers. Again not removing the hair can make the area rugs itchy, so it is important that you remove the hair.

Get them Professionally Cleaned: One of the best ways to clean your area rugs and keep them in top notch condition is to opt for professional rug cleaning in Ft Lauderdale. Professional cleaners use specific cleaning solution for each type of rugs and fibers. Using advance industrial equipment and cleaning solution they ensure safe cleaning solution.

Keep your area rugs in top notch condition with regular rug cleaning in Fort Lauderdale.