At Sheen Cleaning Services, we want you to be happy and your carpets to look as good as new every day. That’s why our experts have shared some amazing homemade carpet cleaning ideas. These tips not only will help in keeping your carpets clean and odorless but extend carpet’s life span and increase the time duration of visiting commercial carpet cleaning in Miami.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Miami

Next time try these common household solutions to wipe out tough carpet stains:

Ammonia: It helps in removing stains from upholstery and carpet, just mix one-quarter cup of ammonia in a cup of warm water and pour it in a spray bottle. Spray it on the affected area and wipe it down with a sponge. Repeat as many times as necessary.

Beer: It might seem impossible to lift out tea or coffee stain from the carpet, but can be solved by pouring some beer right on top of the stain. Lightly rub the beer on stains, repeat it a couple of times to remove the strained traces.

White Vinegar: Due to the acidic texture, white vinegar is claimed as a very good cleaning agent. On mixing one cup of warm water and a quarter of a cup of white vinegar, a perfect dirty carpet cleaning solution is obtained. Again, on mixing vinegar with different household elements, different types of blots can be treated effectively leaving a fresh smelling carpet.

Shaving Cream: To wipe out the stains of spilled juice on the carpet. First, clean the stain, dab it with a wet sponge, apply some shaving cream on the spot and wipe it down with a damp sponge. Shaving cream amazingly works on oil stains and greasy dirt, just follow the same procedure.

Salt: With its cleaning properties, salt can even clean up red wine stains. If anyone spilled red wine on your carpet, immediately pour some white wine to dilute the color then clean it with cold water and sponge. After that layer the stain with salt and wait for 10 minutes, later vacuum it. To clean greasy food stains, mix 1 part salt with 4 parts of rubbing alcohol and rub it on greasy stains.

Club Soda: If you are ready to swipe some water-soluble stains from the carpet, club soda works as an excellent cleaning agent. Simply spray it on the stain or wet a clean cloth with club soda and blot the stain. 

Borax: Dampen the stained area with water and rub some borax on it and let it dry. Again, blot the stain with a solution made of equal parts vinegar and detergent and let it dry, then wipe it down. Repeat if required.

Ice Cubes: If you are struggling with chewing gum on the fibers of your carpet? Start by freezing the gum with ice cubes placed in a plastic bag, then scrape it with a butter knife and blot with a dry-cleaning fluid.

Baby Wipes: These are perfect to blot up any spill on the carpets or rugs as it easily absorbs both stains and liquid. It is effectively deployed as a stain remover when to clear spills and drips on clothing, carpets, and other upholstered furniture.

While performing these cleaning methods, it’s always recommended to test a small patch of carpet to avoid any adverse effect on your carpets. Though if you need back up of commercial carpet cleaning in Miami – Sheer Cleaning Services is always there to help!