You may not know this, but you can find the common ‘house dust mite’ in almost any residence in Miami, even if you sweep your floors clean ten times a day. Dust mites are tiny, you can only see them with a microscope – with eight legs, and although they don’t bite, they can cause severe health problems. Being so small, they easily evade brooms and common vacuum cleaners, which is why it is not that easy to get rid of them. As we humans are allergic to the dust mites, they can cause sneezing, breathing problems, asthma and more. If you have ever sneezed a lot when dusting your house – dust mites are probably the reason.


Dust Mites Can Cause Mitey Problems in Miami

Dust mites can and will inhabit many places in your household, but one of the main trouble areas is your bed mattress. Dust mites feed off dead skin flakes that fall off your body, and as you can expect, one of the main places that this happens in your house in Miami, is your bed mattress. If the dust mites decide to settle in bed with you, you may find yourself with a runny nose and having trouble breathing very soon, in addition to a number of unsavory respiratory  symptoms.  This is why when you discover that your mattress has been infested with dust mites you should take things up with the experts very quickly.

Solutions to the Dust Mite problem

Now, to solve the dust mite problem in your Miami home, you can either buy a new mattress to replace your old one, or get your old one new. While buying a new mattress may solve the problem temporarily, don’t forget that the dust mites are still around your house, and they will soon be back, attracted to the plentiful food source that you provide them with on your new mattress. So, buying a new mattress is expensive, AND it only solves the problem for a short term. Cleaning the mattress, on the other hand, is not only cheaper, it also provides a longer solution to the problem, as professional mattress cleaners know what preventative measures and solutions should be used to ensure a longer period of keeping your mattress dust mite free.


Choosing Your Mattress Cleaning Team

At Sheen we make sure that we only hire the top professionals in their field. That is why we know that we have the best mattress cleaners, and we can provide our customers with the assurances and guarantee that they will get the best possible service and 100% satisfaction. Our expert mattress cleaning team not only has access to the latest dust mite removal tools, but is also trained in the latest mattress cleaning techniques. We are always available to take your calls, no matter where you are in the Miami area.