Microfiber furniture have tags on them that help you understand what sort of microfiber sofa or microfiber upholstery you purchased for your Miami or Fort Lauderdale home. These tags, or microfiber codes as they are also known, designate the type of material you have in your furniture, and how they should be cleaned.

What microfiber cleaning tags are there?

W – Stands for Water. ‘W’ means that when you want to clean your microfiber sofa, you need to use a water based cleaning solution. S – Stands for ‘solvent’, and means that when you want to clean, you should be using a solvent based cleaner. S-W – This means that you can use both types of cleaning solutions, both water based and solvent based, when you want to clean your microfiber furniture. X – When you see an X, then note that you can only vacuum your microfiber upholstery, and not use and cleaning solutions at all.

I know what to use to for my microfiber cleaning, what now?

Once you have established what sort of cleaning solution you need to use for your upholstery cleaning efforts, you can start cleaning. The first thing to do, once you choose your water based or solvent based cleaning solution – that you can get from any of your local Miami or Fort Lauderdale based stores – is to check the upholstery you want to clean by dabbing a small amount in a hidden corner. This will help you see if you can use the cleaning solution for the rest of the microfiber cleaning, or if you need to find something else with which to clean your sofa.

Microfiber cleaning – water is repelled, but needs to be removed

With microfiber cleaning, it is important to remember that while the actual microfiber upholstery is water resistant, once the water soaks in, permanent marks can be created on the sofa, which is not something you wanted to happen when you bought that nice expensive sofa for your Miami house. When you do clean, try to remove the excess water as quickly as possible, to prevent these sort of stains from taking place.