Yes, leather furniture looks awesome. Yes, that leather upholstery you have in your Miami residence gives the place that something that it was missing before. BUT – just as with any other furniture or carpeting you own, leather requires care. While it is true that leather can weather time quite successfully, you still need to provide leather care to your upholstery, to make sure that those distinguished-looking wrinkles don’t degrade into scuff marks, tears and other eye sores.

So how do you take good care of your leather upholstery?

Leather Care Tip #1: Vacuum and Dust

This has the added advantage of being one of the easier things that you can do to care for your leather upholstery in your Miami residence. Dusting daily makes sure that your leather furniture looks its best, and at the same time, makes sure that the daily dirt and grime don’t build up and get ground into the wedges every leather upholstery has. Other than using a duster, we recommend that you also use a vacuum cleaner, as they will collect the debris that is wedged down the back or sides of the furniture far more effectively.

Don’t forget that one of the biggest causes of damage to your furniture, is not doing anything. Leather care, in fact, any kind of upholstery care, when done regularly, can make sure that your leather upholstery is around in good shape for a very long time.

Leather Care Tip #2: Don’t wait for stains to set

This is important, as stains in leather upholstery can cause discoloration, and the quicker you deal with the stains and spots, the easier it is to remove them, often without a trace. Upholstery care means that when something is split on your leather furniture – a soda, greasy food, or even wine – it is best that you quickly remove any excess with a dry cloth, then quickly blot the area to get it as dry as possible. Use a slightly wet cloth with water-based cleaners that you can find in your Miami or Fort Lauderdale home, to get rid of the slightly tougher spots, but don’t forget to test the solution against a hidden corner first, to see if the leather is affected adversely. If the stain is very big, or serious – we recommend that you let professional leather upholstery cleaners deal with it.

Leather Care Tip #3: Condition your Leather Furniture

If you are committed to maintaining your leather upholstery – and we believe that you are – then you should also condition it every so often. Condition products are used to provide real leather care, and buff up the leather until it looks refreshed and rejuvenated. Simply rub the leather upholstery with the conditioner in gentle circles, using a dry cloth. Even if the effects aren’t immediately apparent, you should see a change build up as you continue the treatments. You can buy leather conditioning products, which are also called hide food, at any convenience store in the Miami area, and they work wonders when it comes to making sure that your leather upholstery gets the best care that it can.