We’ve been lucky so far, but the latest flood in Miami was right in our area – we’re right off Miami Beach – and we got the full blast. Our basement was completely flooded and the entire first floor was covered in 4 inches of water, completely covering the carpet we got from my grandparents. We didn’t know who to turn to, as this was the middle of the night, and we didn’t want to wait until morning to get started cleaning, because who knows what would have floated away before morning comes, and besides, Nana always said not to put off things. Then the Sheen team arrived, and boy, was it a relief. They took control of the situation, assured us that they can handle everything, and they did! I don’t know how they did it, but ALL the water was gone by the time I got back from dropping the kids off at their grandparents (who wanted to know how the carpet was doing, of course). There wasn’t much to be done about the stuff in the basement, so thank God you guys carted the trash away, but the carpet in the front hall was saved!

Mary Witherspoon