Microfiber sofas are an excellent addition to the house, and can bring a sense of both style and simplicity to your Miami living room. Of course, just like any other piece of furniture, your microfiber sofa requires microfiber cleaning every so often, as daily life shows its signs of wear, tear, dirt, grime, and cat hairs, for those of use with a cat. If you have a light-colored microfiber piece of furniture that can sometimes be even worse, as every little bit of dirt shows up on it very easily.

So how do you go about upholstery cleaning, when it comes to your microfiber furniture?

Get rid of the big dirt in the microfiber

First of all, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the grime and dust that has built up in the microfiber upholstery in your Miami living room. Upholstery cleaning in general is easier once you have removed the dirt that is easily dealt with by vacuum cleaners, and it makes your job down the line ever so much easier.

Don’t use water for microfiber cleaning

Microfiber furniture is usually stain resistant (usually, because with a little bit of effort, you can stain it, and we know this from personal experience ), but if you try to use water, it will leave a permanent mark when the water is dried off. That’s because the microfiber is a polyester-based material. This is why you shouldn’t use generic carpet or upholstery cleaning solutions from Miami or Fort Lauderdale convenience stores to do the job, as you want to clean your upholstery, not leave new marks on it.

Instead of water, use rubbing alcohol. As it evaporates much faster than water, it usually doesn’t leave any marks. AS usual, we recommend that you test this on a hidden corner first, to see the results.

Rub hard, dry off, then rub again

Use a clean white scrub sponge, and rub the whole microfiber upholstery using short powerful strokes. With microfiber cleaning, you will see your white sponge turning a very different color than what it was, as all the dirt is being rubbed off. Once you have completed this step, let the microfiber dry off completely. Once the upholstery is completely dry, rub the whole thing down again with a clean scrub brush, using a circular motion to restore your microfiber upholstery to its former glory.