The fun thing about area rugs, is that they help complete your room’s style. Even in Miami, where many houses have hardwood floors, an area rug that covers the floor, adding color and a ‘feel’ to the room, is a beautiful addition to the room, one that everyone should have. Of course, being on the floor, and being a rug, area rugs may end up getting dirty. From day to day use, from shoes tracking across them – just as anything else, area rug cleaning is sometimes required to take care of your area rug.

Area rug cleaning begins with the little things

In general, you need to vacuum your area rug on a regular basis, just as you would vacuum any other carpet in your Miami or Fort Lauderdale residence. Don’t forget to check the rug’s label, to see if there are any specific recommendations on the area rug cleaning methods, such as special vacuum cleaners, or areas that should be covered better. Keep in mind that it is a good idea to clean under the rug as well, which you can do by simple folding the rug over itself.

Rotate and use a pad in addition to area rug cleaning

Use a quality rug pad beneath your area rug unless, of course, it is already over a wall-to-wall carpet. Using a rug pad ensures the longevity of your area rug, and it will prevent the area rug from moving around and people slipping on it. By the way, if you get the cheaper version of the rug pads, they don’t last for more than a few months, and they are not really a permanent solution. Do not forget to rotate your area rug at regular intervals, as this will prevent certain areas from showing wear and tear faster than others.

High end rugs require professional area rug cleaning teams

Of course you need to remember that the more expensive and handmade rugs are meant to be cleaned by a professional team of our rug cleaning experts, as they know how to get the job done without damaging the rug. If the area rug is stained you can certainly mop up the stain yourself for the initial quick-fix solution, but for the entire stain, call in a Miami local professional team.