While there is something to be said for commercial spot removers, they may sometimes contain caustic ingredients, and might harm your skin or the fabric you are trying to clean. Fortunately, for the smaller stains of everyday life in your Miami residence, the soda that was spilled on the floor, the greasy meatballs that fell from the kitchen table, and the muddy paw tracks from your dog, there are some readily available eco-friendly carpet cleaning techniques and solutions, that you can make from ingredients that you probably have in your kitchen right now. Get started by mixing together vinegar and water – this eco-friendly solution helps you with getting rid of stains, as follows:

Eco-friendly carpet cleaning tip no. 1 – Greasy food

If you get a grease stain on one of your carpets in your Miami or Fort Lauderdale residence, there’s a simple trick to making sure that the stain is removed. Sprinkle a little bit of cornmeal on the stain, and leave it for a few minutes. After a few minutes, sponge the stain softly with the vinegar and water mixture.

Eco-friendly carpet cleaning tip no. 2 – Mold and mildew

If your carpet has liquid spilled on it, even if you mop up the area fairly quickly, it is a safe bet to assume that you didn’t get it all. A few days later, you’ll find mold or its cousin mildew under the carpet or rug, just where the spill was. Mildew loves damp, and there’s nothing better for it than under your Miami house’s rug. What to do? First of all, dry out the carpet thoroughly. If nothing else, use a hair dryer to make sure that it is completely dry, otherwise the efforts that you take in cleaning up the mildew will be wasted, as it will just come straight back. Before you dry off the carpet, use the vinegar and water mixture to remove all traces of mildew.

Eco-friendly carpet cleaning tip no. 3 – Red wine

Just had guests over to your Miami house, and opened a brand new bottle of wine? And then managed to spill the red wine all over your white living room furniture? Don’t despair. Finish off the glass of wine, then just sprinkle table salt all over the wine stain. Wait for quarter of an hour, and the salt will absorb the wine. You’ll see it turning a pinkish color. When the process is complete, you can simple vacuum the salt away, and clean the stain with the vinegar and water mixture.