If your Miami home or residence was damaged by water or fire, you should have it looked at, and the water and fire damage restored, by professionals. It does not really matter if the job looks large or small to you, a professional water and fire damage restoration team makes sure that your home in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas, is restored to its former self, and that any hidden or potential damage to the structure is also handled.

So what steps are taken to ensure that the fire damage restoration procedure to your Miami residence is complete?

Fire damage restoration step 1: Complete survey of the residence

The first thing that a professional fire damage restoration team does, is a site survey. A complete and comprehensive site survey of your Miami residence is what enables the team to understand the extent of the damage, and the complied damage report can be used as quotes for either fire restoration companies or for your insurance company. The site survey should be done as quickly as possible, so that the full extent of the fire damage is understood, and the restoration process can be started.

Fire damage restoration step 2: A comprehensive quote

The quote that comes when the professional fire damage restoration team completes their survey helps you, as a homeowner in Miami, Fort Lauderdale or the surrounding area, to realize the full extent of the fire damage caused to your house. This quote is invaluable when you look for the best fire damage restoration teams, and if such a tragedy happens again, you can keep the quote on record for review.

Fire damage restoration step 3: Restoration and Inspection

After you have received your quote and found a suitable fire damage restoration company, the restoration process begins. It is very important that you receive a comprehensive timeline when you begin the process so that you know what is expected, and when your Miami home will be ready and suitable for living in again. Once the fire damage restoration process is complete, the fire damage restoration company you selected has to make sure that everything is repaired. Once your house gets a clean bill of health, you can be sure that the team has completed their tasks, and restored your home to its original condition.