Dry carpet cleaning is fast becoming a popular method of cleaning residential and commercial carpets in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas. Using chemical technologies that enable cleaning with very low moisture (VLM), and specialized machines, dry-cleaning carpet methodologies are excellent at cleaning your carpet and making sure that they last longer. Many people, however, are still unaware of the benefits of dry-cleaning carpets, and still prefer to use water when they look for carpet cleaning services in Miami. So here’s a short list of benefits of dry carpet cleaning:

1. Dry carpet cleaning is dry

This may seem obvious, however most people believe that to get their carpets truly clean, a large quantity of water must be used. This means that a lot of water is wasted, the detergents that are washed away cause environmental damage, and, if the cleaning takes place inside your Miami home, your furniture and floor isn’t exposed to potential water damage as well.

2. You save time when you dry clean carpets

One of the main considerations for carpet cleaning is the amount of time it takes. When you send your carpet away to be cleaned, you want it back as soon as possible, so that you can go back to walking around on your nice soft (and clean!) carpet quickly. When using a large amount of water to clean your carpet, it naturally takes a long time to dry. With dry cleaning carpet techniques, the length of time that the carpet is ready for you is drastically reduced.

3. Dry cleaning carpets helps prevent mold and mildew

When you use traditional water carpet cleaning methods, there’s a far greater potential of water getting into the rest of your house, or, if the carpet is improperly dried, the floor over which the carpet is lain. With moisture, as we all know, comes mold, mildew, and even in extreme cases, rot. Apart from looking ugly, and damaging your property in Miami, Boca Raton, or where you live, mold and mildew present a real health risk to you and your family members, aggravating allergies and causing havoc. Using dry carpet cleaning methods prevents this.

4. Dry carpet cleaning is ideal for businesses

Offices prefer that their business work is uninterrupted. On the other hand, they usually have wall-to-wall carpeting, which necessitates that, when using water for the carpet cleaning services, they stop their business, and wait until the carpets are completely clean and dry. Although you may prefer to believe that you can still work when your Miami office carpet is being cleaned, in practice, most people just give up and go home to wait until their work situation goes back to normal. Dry carpet cleaning makes sure that the whole cleaning process is over very quickly, so offices can enjoy a far shorter period of not working in their full capacity.