Carpets are lovely, but they can (and do) get dirty. They are meant to be walked on, after all, and try as you might, someone will track muddy shoes over your carpet, or people will spill drinks on it, or even just the daily grime and dust that build up everywhere will make the carpet dirty.

Steam cleaning is an effective way of getting your carpets clean

One of the most effective ways of cleaning your carpet today is a method called ‘steam cleaning’. Professional carpet cleaning services usually use high-powered steam cleaning machines, with an external engine that has hoses attached to it, that clean your house, although there are also portable versions, that require the whole steam cleaning machine to be brought inside.

How does Steam Cleaning work, exactly?

First of all, the carpet needs to be prepared for the steam cleaning process. The carpet is vacuumed thoroughly to get rid of the coarse grit and sand, then it is washed and rinsed, to make sure that the finer grime and dust is removed, along with any other dirt that the process is able to remove. Once the preparation is complete, the steam cleaning process starts up, applying a charged up hot cleaning solution to the carpet fibers, using pressure to extract even the smallest particles of grime that might be in the carpet, and effectively removing all the stains from it.

What makes Steam Cleaning so effective?

As the process uses very high pressure, combined with a specific carpet cleaning solution, the steam cleaning process is most effective when removing earth and soil from your carpet. In addition, the cleaning solutions used are environment friendly, and are harmless to the household, both family and pets, if there are any. Of course, don’t forget that once the process is complete, you will need to wait for your carpet to dry. But waiting a few hours for your carpet to dry is a small price to pay when you get a really clean carpet in return.