Oriental rugs are beautiful piece of home décor and are quite expensive as well. They come in various attractive designs and colors that can instantly enhance the interiors of your home.

But, when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the oriental rugs, a different kind of approach is needed. Oriental rugs are really delicate and a wrong cleaning solution can damage its delicate fibers. Whether you are cleaning them at home or opting for a professional cleaning solution, there are certain rules for cleaning them.

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Here is how you can keep your beautiful and delicate rugs clean with a safe oriental rug cleaning Miami:

  1. Check the rug label for cleaning instructions

Rugs come in different fibers and have cleaning instructions mentioned on the label. This is important to follow. Check the label for cleaning instructions before starting your DIY cleaning. That is what a professional cleaning service will do. They already know what kind of cleaning solution is needed.

  1. Be very Gentle

Oriental rugs are very delicate and that is why you need to be very gentle with the cleaning. Use the gentlest of the cleaning shampoo to clean and remove the dirt, dust and debris from the rugs. The cleaning solution must be free of any toxic materials and must be environmental friendly.

  1. Hand Wash Only

Professional oriental cleaning service only uses hand-wash only method as this is the only gentle cleaning method for rugs. The machine can be very harsh on the delicate fibers. This is why a gentle hand wash cleaning method is used. If you are cleaning your rugs at home make sure that you use your hand to clean them and use solution that is not very harsh.

  1.  Do not use heat

Heat should not be used in excess on the oriental rugs. Heat can damage the fibers. If the rugs are made of wool then the heat is a big no as you know what heat does to the wool. Likewise, depending on the kind of materials your oriental rugs are using the drying method.

  1. Keep it Away from water

Water of any kind – a cold drink spill or pet urine – can be very damaging for the oriental rugs. It is important to keep them away from water. Blot any liquid with a towel and dry it naturally. You can also opt for professional Oriental rug cleaning in Miami for a safe cleaning and drying solution.

Oriental rugs are beautiful but delicate. Use the right cleaning solution and keep them in top notch condition all the time.