Carpets need to be cleaned, just like any other material. Of course, you can’t just use any old cleaning solution, shampoo or detergent. The cleaning solution that you need depends on the make and size of the stain, the nature of the carpet’s fabric, and more. If you aren’t sure, or if the extent of the damage is too great for you to handle by yourself, you should always make sure that you call a professional team of carpet cleaners in Miami or Fort Lauderdale.

So how do you deal with the smaller stains that occur daily when you have carpets in the house?

1. Ammonia is excellent for small stains

Use a little amount of ammonia (the same as if you were using carpet cleaning solution) to clean your carpets. Make sure that you keep all the windows in your Miami residence open until the carpets are well and truly dry, to ensure that all the ammonia evaporates. To add a little lemony smell, you can use the lemon-scented ammonia, but still, make sure that you have all your windows open. This is an excellent solution for small stains, if you treat them straight away and don’t let them set into the carpet. Of course you should always remember to test a small hidden corner of the carpet before you start cleaning with this solution, as it may cause more damage than good.

2. Make a vinegar carpet cleaning solution in your Miami home

If you have a carpet steam cleaner, a simple and cheap carpet cleaning solution that you can use is one that is found in almost every household. Vinegar. Mix up 1 part vinegar in ten parts water, and you will be able to clean up most of the smaller stains and spots that come from having a carpet and people in the your Miami or Fort Lauderdale house at the same time. Just as with the ammonia solution, you had better open all of your windows to air the house from the smell of vinegar, however once the carpet is completely dry, the smell will dissipate.

3. Laundry soap from Miami supermarkets can help clean your carpets

Tide (or any other laundry soap), together with a bit of water can make for an excellent carpet cleaning solution if you get stains on the carpet in your Miami residence. The advantage of this solution over the previous ones is that the smell is far more bearable, even pleasant if the mixture is correct. Make sure that you wipe down the carpet afterwards to remove the excess solution, and of course as always, test before on a hidden corner.

4. Hot water is a natural carpet cleaner for spots

Sometime, when your carpet gets muddy stains or has dirt ground into it, you may not need a detergent of any kind. In some cases, when people come into your Miami home and bring in with them the dirt and grime from the outside, all that you need to is use hot water, and a bit of elbow grease, to scrub those carpets clean. Don’t forget that you need to air out the room to make sure that the carpet is completely dry afterwards.

5. Have you tried Windex and water to clean your Miami carpets?

Using equal amounts of Windex and water is a great way of getting small stains out from your carpet, if you treat it fast enough. Make sure that you test a hidden spot first, so that you can see if the fabric of the carpet withstands the cleaning solution, and of course, use the solution as soon as possible. If the stains are allowed to set, you’ll probably have to contact the services of professional carpet cleaning teams in Miami.