Oriental rugs are exotic piece of decor. They come in various designs, styles and materials. Oriental rugs from the Middle East are especially revered for the intricate designs and choice of colors. As much as they are exotic, keeping the oriental rugs clean and safe requires a lot of effort. They are very delicate and need careful handling, which is why a professional oriental cleaning is usually done with hands.

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If you want to keep your oriental rugs clean and safe at home, there are many useful tools that you can use. Here are some of the highly effective Oriental rug cleaning tools for you:

1. Vacuum Cleaners

This tool is easily available in every household. You can use vacuum cleaners to remove dust and dirt from the oriental rugs. They prevent dust from settling down and prolong the time before your oriental rugs start showing signs of soiling. You can use them over the rug and under the rug to remove the dust and dirt.

2. Using a laundry Brush

A simple laundry brush can go a long way in ensuring that your rugs are clean and free of dust and dirt. You can brush away the surface for any pile from cleaning or any residue that may have been left behind. The fringes can collect dust and dirt too, so do not forget to brush them too.

3. Carpet Cleaning Shampoo

When cleaning rugs using a shampoo is necessary for a more thorough cleaning. Usually the carpet and rug shampooing should be done by the professionals as too much water can damage your rugs. If you are confident enough you can use them or else leave the shampooing to the professional cleaners.

4. Cold Water

After shampooing or using any cleaning solution make sure to wash off the materials from the rugs using cold water. Rinsing is important as the cleaning materials if left on the rug can damage the fibers. You can use a soft bristle brush to gently remove the residue from the rug while rising.

5. Rubbers Squeegee or Sponge

Drying is an essential part of Oriental rug cleaning. A single drop of water can be damaging if it is not dried off them. So make sure that after cleaning your rugs you dry them completely. You can use a sponge to remove the excess water or a rubber squeegee. You can also switch on the fan to quicken the drying process.

Oriental rug cleaning can be done at home using the right cleaning tools and solution. Use these cleaning tools to keep your rugs at top working condition.