If there is one investment piece that can instantly change the appearance of your living room it is the rugs. Rugs and especially the oriental rugs are so exotic to look at. They are soft, beautiful and fit in perfectly with your interior decor. But when it comes to cleaning and maintaining those people often make a lot of mistakes and these mistakes can cost you your precious rugs.

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So how well do you know your rugs? Here are 5 facts about the rugs you did not know – until now:

  1. They are delicate

All the rugs are delicate, but the oriental rugs known for their superb and exotic designs are extra delicate. Their fibers can easily get damaged so it is important to take a great care of them when cleaning them at home. Hand-wash only method is most suited for them.

  1. Say No to store bough stain removers

Spills are bound to happen and when it happens you must avoid using the store bought stain removers. As mentioned before the oriental rugs are really delicate and any wrong solution can damage them beyond repair. These store bought stain removers have harsh chemicals in them which can easily destroy the delicate fibers of the rugs. Opt for professional Oriental rug cleaning in Brickell for a safe cleaning solution.

  1. Not Dealing with Spill immediately is plain dangerous

Water is the biggest enemy of rugs. The water can damage the fibers if the water is left for too long. If small spills happen immediately blot them with a towel. Put them under the fan to quicken the drying of the surface. If the spill is major like a water disaster then calling in the professionals is the best way to keep your oriental rugs safe.

  1. Opt for  professional oriental rug cleaning in Brickell

No matter how clean your rugs look, getting them cleaned by the professionals at least twice a year can help you keep them clean and well maintained. This will also increase the life of your investment. Professional cleaners use safe and non-toxic cleaning materials which ensure your rugs are safe from any  harmful effect.

Are rugs are beautiful home decor item and it is important to keep the clean as well as safe with the right cleaning solution. These are some of the important facts about rugs that will help you take a great care of your area rugs.