Carpets are important part of any household décor. Not only do they make your Miami residence more attractive, and are fun to walk around on barefoot, but some are valuable to you, both in material terms and from a sentimental point of view. That’s why it is important, even vital, that when you choose a carpet cleaning company, you make sure that you choose the best company possible.

Here are 5 things that you should make sure of, before you choose a carpet cleaning company:

1. Does the carpet cleaning company have a good reputation?

Sheen has enjoyed over 20 years of an excellent reputation, always going above and beyond to provide their customers with 100% satisfaction. We make sure that our Miami and Fort Lauderdale area clients not only get their carpets cleaned, but also know that they always have professional help to turn to whenever they need it. We do everything to make sure that we retain our sterling reputation.

2. Does the carpet cleaning company have the right kind of experience?

Cleaning carpets is not the same as getting rid of stains in your upholstery, which isn’t the same as restoring your valuable oriental rug. A professional carpet cleaning company knows what types of cleaning solutions need to be used and when, knows how to deal with a wide variety of stains, dirt, grime and carpets in all manner of soiled conditions, and to have the equipment and training necessary to handle all and any carpet cleaning situation.

3. Does the carpet cleaning company offer written quotes?

Before you hire any carpet cleaning company, you want to know how much it will cost you, more or less. At Sheen we provide free quotes and estimates for every service, once we get to the Miami residence and assess the damage and required carpet cleaning efforts that we will need to undertake. If you look to hire someone, and they won’t provide you with a free quote before you sign, don’t take them.

4. Do they have professional carpet cleaning equipment?

Carpet cleaning companies don’t use a home issue vacuum cleaner. They use industrial strength, high powered and high end machinery that make sure that cleaning carpets is done properly and that all stains are removed. A truck-mounted cleaning unit, that sucks water and dirt from the carpet, a high powered demoisturizer and powerful vacuums and brushes are part of the arsenal used to clean carpets that every carpet cleaning company should have at their disposal.

5. Is the carpet cleaning company insured?

Don’t forget to ask if their technicians are insured. If an accident should occur, and one of the carpet cleaning team is injured while working at your house, you do not want to be held liable for their injuries. Just as we do here at Sheen, make sure that the carpet cleaning company you choose is insured.