Upholstery not only make sitting on the couch or sofa more comfortable, with the latest designs it can also enhance the decor of your house. They come in various sizes, designs, styles and colors and materials. From traditional designs to the latest, to the more modern design, you will find them in every home. So far, so good. What happens when the same delightful upholstery gets dirty and need cleaning?

4 Signs Your Upholstery Needs Cleaning

Did you miss the signs suggesting your upholstery need cleaning? There are two ways you can clean them, either you use an effective DIY solution or opt for a professional upholstery cleaning in Miami.

Heavy foot traffic brings in dust, dirt and allergens into your upholstery, making them dirty. Cleaning them is important for your health and safety of your family especially small children.

Here are the 4 signs that suggest your beloved upholstery need cleaning.

1. It becomes itchy

If your upholstery is no longer comfortable like before and if you find it a bit itchy then it’s time you clean it. Sand is inevitable problem in Miami and with sand, dust, and dirt you couch or sofa is bound to get dirty and itchy. Itchiness and feeling uncomfortable when sitting is one of major sign that your upholstery need cleaning.

2. It looks dirty

With darker color upholstery it is not easy to see if it’s dirty, but with a lighter shade, it is easy to recognise when your upholstery is dirty. Whether dark or light color, check carefully when you had last cleaned it. See if its looks dirty and if yes, it’s time you had it cleaned by professionals.

3. Stains

When there is a single stain from recent spill, you can clean them. But, if there are other stains that you missed or couldn’t get around to cleaning them, it’s high time you do. Stains can make your upholstery look dirty and un-presentable. If you cannot get rid of them with a DIY solution, opt for professional upholstery cleaning in Miami for best results.

4. Smell and Pet Odor

Does your upholstery smell funny? It could be the result of recent spill and you forgot to dry it. Or it could be the pet urine odor that has been forgotten by you. When your upholstery starts smelling bad, you know it’s time to clean them.

One of the best ways to keep upholstery clean and daisy fresh is to look for signs when they need cleaning and immediately get the job done either by DIY or professional cleaning solution.