Rugs are beautiful especially the oriental rugs with their beautiful patterns, color combinations and intricate designs. They can instantly bring your living room alive. But, they also bear a lot of foot traffic if you keep them in your living area. The dust, dirt and grime can snatch away the attractiveness of the beautiful rugs. To keep them in top notch condition you must choose the right method of rug cleaning in Boca Raton.

4 Easy Do-It-Yourself Rug Cleaning Tips

Apart from the expert advice that the rugs must be cleaned by professionals, there are a few DIY solutions, which can help you keep them in top working condition always.

1. Clean regularly

Daily cleaning must include dusting and vacuuming the rugs to remove the dust and dirt from the surface. This will ensure that the dust doesn’t settle in the fiber. Eventually, you will have to opt for deeper cleaning solution by the professionals, but regular home cleaning can help you keep them clean.

2. Rotate your rugs

When your rugs are kept in one side, the foot traffic, dents and some spills can make a mark there. To even out the wear and tear, you must rotate your rugs to prevent it from looking too used up.

3. Use Borax for preventing insect infestation

Steam cleaning is highly effective in controlling the insect infestation, but you can also prevent it through borax. Sprinkle some borax on the rugs to create a natural protective coat against insects and also to destroy the larvae and eggs.

4. Use vinegar for spots and spills

When spills happen on rugs, which are inevitable, quickly attend to it by blotting the excess water with a towel. Water can be very damaging, so it is important to keep your rugs as dry as possible. Use vinegar or soap solution to remove the stain. Vinegar also helps in neutralizing the pet urine odor. If the stains does not go easily do not try too hard. Opt for a professional rug cleaning in Boca Raton for safe solution.

Rugs are beautiful as well as delicate. Use this DIY solution to keep them in good condition, but get them professionally cleaned at least twice a year for a thorough cleaning.