Do you clean all the items of your house regularly, including mattresses? Probably the answer is no. According to a survey report, around 85% of individuals forget to clean their mattresses. They simply wash the bed sheets once or twice a week, and put that again on the dirty old mattress.

If you are also doing the same, then you will experience unusual health conditions for sure. A filthy and unwashed mattress is home to many harmful microorganisms. When you don’t clean your mattresses for years, an unhygienic environment is ensured inside the house. Apart from health concerns, the mattresses also start to deteriorate from the inside, which greatly affects its durability. In short, a dirty mattress can cost you either in terms of health or a quick replacement.


Considering the need for mattress cleaning in Hollywood , many service providers started offering professional mattress cleaning services. Well, without professional help, it is not possible to clean the filthy mattresses on your own. For better results, the professionals use deep cleaning techniques and clean the mattress properly. From dirt to bacteria, all the pollutants are removed after the cleaning process.

Below here, some significant reasons have been listed, justifying why you should deep clean your mattress.

  • To eliminate the dust mites and bed bugs – Every night when you sleep on the mattress, your body drops half a litre of sweat and some grams of dead skin cells. With time, all the dirt accumulates in the deepest layer of the mattress, promoting the growth of harmful pollutants. This is the reason why your mattress is a breeding place for different microorganisms like dust mites, bed bugs, bacteria and more. It is essential to eliminate all these harmful microorganisms; else you may experience health issues like sore throats, body pain, fever, and more.
  • To avoid the skin allergies – Skin allergies are pretty common when you sleep on dirty mattresses. As human skin is sensitive, it is highly prone to irritations when comes in contact with dust and bacteria. It is recommended not to take the situation lightly and to avail mattress cleaning in Hollywood ASAP. You must clean your mattress once in every six months to restrict the breeding of bacteria and other pollutants.
  • To maintain complete cleanliness indoor – If you think, your house is clean and hygienic to live in, then you are wrong. Unless, you clean those dirty mattresses, your house is not thoroughly cleaned. Hiding a filthy mattress under clean bed sheets won’t work, as it will simply affect the indoor living conditions. With time, you will experience bad odor from your mattress, which is pretty hard to tolerate.

So, these are some of the main reasons, why you need to deep clean your mattresses professionally. Remember, your health is directly affected on the cleanliness of your mattress. Call us today at 800-231-1616 and request our mattress cleaning in Hollywood .