Carpets come in various materials, styles and designs. Each type of carpet needs different cleaning solution. Carpets can easily enhance the interior decor of your house. But, they can also get dirty easily as well. There are various types of carpet cleaning techniques that help restore the carpets to their previous state.

Carpet cleaning ft Lauderdale

Your DIY carpet cleaning in FT Lauderdale is not enough to protect your investment from all the harmful effects of the dust, dirt and allergens.

Here is some effective carpet cleaning solution used by professionals:

1. Using Industrial Strength Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuuming is the first step to cleaning a carpet whether it is DIY solution or a professional cleaning solution. Using an industrial strength vacuum cleaner the professional cleaners remove as much dust and dirt from the surface of the carpets. What this does is remove the elements to make cleaning easier. But, vacuuming alone does not and cannot remove all the dust and dirt.

2. Shampooing the Carpets

Just like your hair, the fibers of your carpets need shampooing too. This method removes the dirt and dust in the fibers is quite difficult to remove with vacuuming alone. The shampoo or cleaning solution is sprayed on the carpet and using a machine the solution is then worked into it. Then it is extracted using the vacuum. This is quick and easy method that helps retains the shine on the carpets as well as makes the carpets smell daisy fresh. But, this again is not the final step to getting super clean carpets.

3. Steam Cleaning or Hot Water Extraction Method

Steam cleaning is considered as the most effective carpet cleanings solution in the world. Using powerful machine and strong but eco-friendly cleaning solution, carpets are thoroughly cleaned. In this method, hot water and cleaning solution is sprayed on the carpets and worked into it using machines. This completely removes the dust, dirt, sand, pet hair and anything that is in there. Then the solution is extracted with a machine. Using the steam the carpets is them dried so as not to leave a single trace of water in it. Moisture leads to mold growth which should be avoided at all cost.

Using these three highly effective solution for carpet cleaning in FT Lauderdale, professional carpets cleaners make sure that your carpets are not only cleaned, they remain healthy and beautiful for a long time.