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Drapery Cleaning In Fort Lauderdale - Sheen Cleaning

Drapery Cleaning In Fort Lauderdale

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  • Date: October 4, 2018
  • Tags: Cleaning Solutions

Curtains or drapes are often overlooked when it comes to household cleaning. The reason is pretty straightforward – Drapes cleaning needs extreme care and attention. If the drapes are simply machine washed, there are high chances the fabric may get ruined. For soft and dust-free fabrics, it is recommended to clean the drapes appropriately.

When you don’t clean your drapes for a long time, the indoor environment gets polluted by the dust allergens. You along with your family members will be at an unnecessary health risk and may experience breathing problems or allergic reactions. Again, too much dust on curtains or blinds also damages the quality and glossiness of the fabric. So, ultimately, it is essential to wash the drapes regularly.

We at 1 st Restoration Inc., understand the need for drapery cleaning in Fort Lauderdale , and accordingly offer our professional services. We are experts in cleaning drapes or curtains, no matter how dirty they are. Being a reputed cleaning & restoration company, we have got an in-house team of cleaning professionals and our own drape cleaning plant. All our professionals are trained and certified for drapes cleaning.

For the convenience of our clients, we offer free pick-up and delivery of draperies. Our technicians inspect the conditions of your drapes, and pick them up from your location. The dirty drapes are then thoroughly cleaned at our cleaning units and returned to clients within the specified time. We not only clean the draperies thoroughly, but also ensure that the fabrics are returned with parallel pleats and no shrinkages.

For free pick-up of draperies

Call us at 800-231-1616

Exclusive Drapes Cleaning Process For maximum results, we pick up your dirty drapes, take them to our cleaning plant, wash them properly, and then return the draperies to clients. The entire procedure doesn’t involve much time, and can be managed within a week. If you are looking for urgent drapes cleaning in Fort Lauderdale , we recommend you to give us a call now.

Considering the quality of the fabrics used in the drapes, we mainly prefer steam cleaning technique. Our cleaning process is completely Green certified and hypoallergenic. First, we hand wash the drapes and pre-treat the soiled areas. When all the dirt and allergens are removed, we subject the curtains to the steam cleaning process. High-heated steam along with organic cleaning materials is used to remove the stubborn stains on the drapes.

Mainly, our drapes cleaning process in Fort Lauderdale includes -

  • Stain removal
  • Dust removal
  • Mold remediation
  • Smoke removal
  • Pet dander removals
  • Repairs & alterations
  • Drapery restoration

Our technicians carefully hand-press the drapes after the cleaning process and forward them for the delivery. We also help in the re-installation process of the drapes. Our drapes cleaning in Fort Lauderdale is fully insured and covered. Again, we assist our clients in insurance billing too. We at 1 st Restoration Inc., ensure complete drapes cleaning solution at a price no one can offer.

Why Choose 1 st Restoration Inc. For Drapery Cleaning In Fort Lauderdale?

  • More than 20 years of experience in drapes cleaning
  • Trained and experienced cleaning professionals
  • IICRC certified
  • Specialize in cleaning velvets, cotton, acrylic, silk, microfiber and other drapes
  • Use of safe and organic cleaning solutions
  • Immediate response within 30 minutes
  • Competitive pricing with no hidden charges
  • Insurance billing support
  • Free Pickup and delivery of drapes
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Fort Lauderdale City in a Glance Fort Lauderdale is a small city in Florida, which is popularly known for its tourism destinations. It is a principal city of the Miami Metropolitan Area with a population of 165, 521 as per 2010 census. In 2012, the city hosted 12 million visitors including 2.8 million international visitors. Indeed, tourism is an excellent source of income & revenue in Fort Lauderdale. The developing tourism industry has allowed the local business owners and service providers to grow accordingly.

Call us today at 800-231-1616 or 954-961-2070 and request our drapery cleaning services in Fort Lauderdale.

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